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is a comprehensive system for winter gardens, skylights, atriums, greenhouses, which includes the following characteristics:
  • 55 mm width of Mullion (vertical and horizontal)
  • Combines with M6 curtain wall system for more complex structures
  • Draining system designed for condensed vapor removal and rainwater outflow
  • Special interior drainage mullions
  • Ability to include ventilation windows with electric mechanism
  • Sturdy Construction of any kind of geometry (pyramid, domes, circular  surfaces etc.) without static issues
  • Large variety of profiles for the support all of structures, without static problems
  • Category thermal insulation Gruppe 2.1 ( According to DIN52619-3 UR = 2.3 W/m2K)
Širina rama
55 mm
Debljina stakla
do 50 mm
Sertifikat Smartia M10800

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